Prostrate Gland Stimulations

There are many types of action that produce prostrate gland stimulations.

Meeting a Russian with a broomstick
Throwing a hissy fit and voiding perfectly good Money Orders
Registering pedo type domain names and linking your site to them
Leaving your real data in your whois on your pedo type domain names
Not understanding why registering pedo type domain names is wrong
Screwing around on webmaster boards
Jumping into webmaster threads that do not concern you
Trying to lure newbies into schemes in full view of the adult web community
Offering up money that you don't have
Kissing ass and jumping to the defense of fake posers
Quoting Luke Ford as fact
Posting as fact shit that you actually know absolutely nothing about
Ignoring the past and insisting that all those before you were scammers
Bragging about how much you know about the adult biz but never ponying up any real information
Answering posts in a topic titled "wibble"
Pissing with someone who only answers wibble
Failing to get it up while on camera
Making an Ass out of yourself on every adult webmaster board there is
Having the initials LC and getting kicked from the Nav on a section 8
Having a handle such as LucLonely and living up to your established rep
Fucking with Sarettah when he's in a bad mood and has google open
Posting illegal content on websites
Participating in pedophile type activities
Promoting adult sites to minors
Mutual Fisting
Male Receiving Anal Sex ( Greek )
Female Receiving Anal Sex ( Backwards Greek )
Just acting like a total moron, and others.

If the penetration position or activity does not stimulate the prostrate gland - an ass fucking has not occurred regardless of gender.


This work is licensed under a Mundane Commonality License. presents a humorous, satirical manner in which to explain how to get ass fucked. is a satire and any resemblance to an existing website
such as or is far from coincidental.
If you see any resemblance to yourself within these pages
It is probably time for you to reexamine your interactions
with your fellow human beings in both the physical world
and on the internet
A global standard for what a person should do to avoid;
or if impossible to avoid,
to prepare to be properly ass fucked.
I. Be A Cock