Steps of the Ass Fucking System.

Regardless of the type of asshole (prostrate gland) stimulation, there are five steps to the ass fucking response system.


Anticipation - begins when you are expecting to be ass fucked but have not physically started and ends at orgasm. Generally speaking, Anticipation begins when you know you have fucked up. Perhaps you posted idiotic ramblings on a message board; Perhaps you insulted some of the big people within your chosen industry; Maybe you called that big guy at the bar "Shirley". All of these types of actions and more can lead to the anticipation of a good old fashioned ass fucking Even during the nonphysical part of anticipation biological changes begin to occur. Fear levels rise, adrenaline secretions begin and the asshole puckers. It is interesting to note that at times the anticipation of an ass fucking does not occur, especially in those instances when the receiver (fuckee) is totally fucking clueless as to the repercussions of his actions.

Pain - begins at the point when you realize that you are about to be ass fucked and continues throughout the ass fucking act. The amount of pain experienced is in a direct ratio to the size of the penetrating object (member), the amount of KY (lubrication) used during the act and the size of the fuckup by the fuckee.

Stretching - is an anal response experienced during physical stimulation. It is best explained with this analogy.

If you jump into a swimming pool of water - eventually you get used to the water's temperature. After a couple minutes a person becomes desensitized to the temperature - they get used to that particular type of physical stimulation. It's the same with the physical stimulation during ass fucking. After a couple minutes - a person begins to become desensitized.

Peaking - is the use of pain and stretching before and during the actual assfuck to prolong the assfuck and to delay the giver's (fucker) orgasm.

Orgasm - all men fuckers and women fuckers orgasm from a fuckee's prostrate stimulation AND all men fuckers and women fuckers ejaculate when they orgasm.

When a fucker orgasms, male or female, they do so while they are gazing upon about their personal "ass fucking picture".

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