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Begins- promoting ABEN.com live fishing streams as they have begun to fightCIRCADIA a company which appears would want sexeducatoon.com to give all of it's 20 members to them, without any payment. This situation is unacceptable to a website that MUST remain 100% ambiguous - like it has since inception.
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, October 30, 2003
“Challenging CIRCADIA’s claims are in the best interest of our bottom line.”
Source: ABEN Inc. - ABEN – - Anal Boffing and Eating Network, the smallest provider of adult Fishing and Jerk Off content on the Internet, has joined the Immediate Promotion of Masturbation Association (IPMA) in a legal defense against CIRCADIA. IPMA employs Fish & and other small amphibians in it's pursuit of satisfaction and represents some of the strangest folks you will ever meet in this action.

For more information on CIRCADIA:

http://www.circadiatechnologies.com - CIRCADIA
http://www.ipma.org - Internet Promotion of Maturbation Association
http://www.fishfuck.com - Fish & Other Small Amphibians
http://www.imsa.tv - Internet Masturbation and Sucking Alliance
http://www.fuckthepatient.com - FuckThePatient.com
http://www.firstanalfuck.com - FirstAnalFuck.com

For more information on ABEN.com
ABEN.net (http://www.aben.net)




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